Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rocks in Our Tires

The VanGo Family Fundraising Group capitalized on their natural creativity. 

One mom loves to make jewelry and came up with the idea of making fashionable rock necklaces.  The name and tag capture your attention as much as the necklace!  "Rocks In Our Tires"

With minimal expense and a group effort for assembling the project started rolling!  The price of $10.00 yielded a healthy profit and was a fair price.

The group brainstormed where and how these necklaces could be sold.  Ideas included, markets, local vendors, asking friends and family to sell to their friends and family.

Organization was behind the success of this project.  The assembly of necklaces took organization, but with hundreds of necklaces in stock it was clear a spread sheet for inventory was required.  The spreadsheet outlined what was spent on materials, who had how many necklaces and how much money was returned.

The necklaces have been making their way across the province and have raised a few thousand dollars in a short time.  As important as the money is the exposure to the larger cause: the need to raise money for a van.

The kids get involved in selling too!

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