Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Hobby + Access to the Internet- Not Leaving Home = Fundraising Through An Online Retailer

You take a hobby, or the hobby of a few friends or even your kids.  It does not to need to be complicated it can be as easy as tie-dying a t-shirt!

Have good look at this great product you have created and think of a name.  The t-shirt above comes from Happy Yiayia

SECONDLY, block a bit of time and have a seat at the computer.  Log onto Etsy.  What is Etsy?  You will soon see it is a world wide market.  Started as a grassroots initiative in Brooklyn NY, this online retailer has exploded into an international sensation.  And all you need is a computer and the Internet to access it.

Have a look around, get a feel for how vendors set up their "shop".  All shops have several things in common 1) a name 2) good quality photos of their goods 3) details on the item being sold 4) an overview on who they are and why they have a shop

On the top of the page their is an icon Learn How to Sell on Etsy.  This will show you how the Etsy marketplace works.


Are you ready to set up shop?  Click here to Register your Etsy Shop.  This will include setting up a PAYPAL account that will let you receive funds without leaving home!

Look at that, your in business!

Have a look at some fundraisers already set up on Etsy...they can guide and inspire!

Get the kids involved by making great friendship bracelets like these.  They were created to raise money for Cancer Awareness.

This doll feels good in more way than one!  Great to cuddle and it gives too!

And please don't forget....

our wonderful sponsor at Happy Deliveries who this week will be giving a lucky reader who comments on this blog this print :

I believe all of the above creative,handmade fundraisers are just that, LETTING THE BEAUTY WE LOVE BE WHAT WE DO.


Lori said...

Great blog post and fundraising ideas! Etsy is the perfect way to raise money for a cause while sharing your talents with others. If you have any questions about selling on Etsy, please feel free to contact me at Also, as Lisa mentioned, leave a comment for a chance to win this week's print from Happy Deliveries :)
Lori ~ Happy Deliveries

Sarah Nichol (mom to Everett and Rachel) said...

This is a great idea! Not the one for me (soooo uncrafty, lol), but what a great idea for those who have any craft-ability! :)