Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fresh And In Season!

We wait all year for this season, knowing their will be crops of our favorite fruits and vegetables. The fair weather lends itself to more than just strawberries and corn on the cob, there are lots of FRESH FUNDRAISING IDEAS that are seasonal.

Speaking of strawberries, they are really great dipped in chocolate!  A summer table at the market would surely attracted many people wanting a sweet snack for a good cause.

We all have seen or even participated in the seasonal car wash, bbq, bike-a thon, but with a little creativity we could also think of some attention grabbing and money making ideas!
Here is a low cost, summer friendly idea.....

Art on the Beach
Invite families to come to the beach.  Provide them with a stick with a flag on it.  Ask each family to take a claim to part of the beach and put their flag there.  Now start the search for interesting natural and washed up items that are on the beach.  With materials and inspiration in hand, families can create their beach art!

You can ask families for a registration fee of a set amount such as $20 or by donation.  Sometime "by donation" yields higher intake. 

As the organizer ask for a local business or organization (such as a museum) to donate a family pass as the winning prize.  Perhaps a local restaurant will provide a donation of a meal to go with the family pass!

If this is a success you could ask friends to host their own "Art on the Beach" Family Fun Day in support of your cause!

Of course once the art is complete their is always the ocean to swim in and snacks to be had!

Do you have an idea?
If you do, you could win this poster from Happy Deliveries.

Leave a comment with an idea of a summer fundraiser that you have had, would like to have or have attended!

This space is open and ready to receive all your ideas!

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