Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Im Not Good at Fundraising, Im Not Crafty.

I want to make a bet.
I bet there is not one person
reading this blog
that is

So lets assume I am right and everyone is good at something.  What does that have to do with raising funds?

Part of being successful at meeting your fundraising goals is identifying what you have to offer.  People want to help, but they also want something in return.  In today's fundraising market place what you have to offer is a commodity and what your receive in return is a measure of how you have presented it.

You don't have to be crafty, but some people do not even realize they are.  A mom may say she does not have anything to offer for fundraising, and yet, I know that while she waits for appointments here at the IWK her hands move to the rhythm of her knitting needles.

Like in the earlier post, the seasons can create opportunity.  Homemade jam, chutney and pickles.

Recreational activities are part of many families lives.  Do you play a recreational sport?  It would be allot of fun and quite likely a revenue generator to host a fundraising tournament or  bike rally or dragon boat.  How about teaching friends how to surf, play golf or ski for a donation?  Get several co-athletes together to share their talents too and have a "Learn to Surf", "Learn to Ski"  "Learn to Golf" day.  Do you have a child or family member who is part of a hockey or soccer league?  WoW these leagues know how to raise money!

Perhaps your more like me and would rather snuggle with a good book than get your heart rate up.  Would you not enjoy coordinating12 months of a "Reading Club"?  Invite 12 women that are willing to pay (for example) $25 a month for an evening out. Each month dues are paid and each member hosts.  As the host you prepare a meal and open your home to discussing your book.  You could generate $3,600.00 in one year.  Imagine if you had one or two friends willing to do the same thing and contribute to the fund.  This amount could grow to $7,200.00 or $10,800.00

Get the idea?


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