Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back to School: Reading, Writing, Math and Fundraising

I am a firm believer that fundraising is about far more than dollars in the bank or a purchased item.  It is about community, it is about a collective goal and awareness. It is also about learning some really important life skills. A child participating in fundraising (if properly executed) can learn about public speaking, planning, overhead costs, counting money, bank accounts and providing good value.  That may seem like allot of work, but it is natural learning built into fundraising.

School is a natural place for fundraising.  That is, fundraising that is planned and executed with strong learning outcomes. School is your child's community.  It is the place they go to learn .  It is also a place that continually fund raises for a variety of academic needs.  Have your considered fundraising for your child's needs through school?

As part of a tight school community, your child's classmates are aware of physical challenges that require supportive equipment.  Do they understand the illness and how that impacts all aspects of life?  Could they be more aware?

If you are reaching out to the community for your fundraising, don't overlook school.  Take a moment to talk to the teacher or the principal and see if they are open to using a school fundraiser for your child as a learning opportunity. 

You will not only raise funds, but pride and awareness.

Here is an article that may help with some ideas! Fundraising in the classroom

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